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Chinese Hamster Care Sheet

Chinese Hamster Care Sheet


  Found in northern China and Mongolia.


  Chinese hamsters are usually grayish/brown in color with a black stripe running down the center of the back. They average 4 to 5 inches in length. They are primarily nocturnal but can be active for short periods during the daylight hours. The average life span of a Chinese hamster is 2 to 3 years.


  Chinese hamsters should be fed a good quality rodent mix that has a variety of seeds and grains with rodent block mixed in. Fruits and vegetables will provide variety in their diets and should be fed as treats. Apples, carrots, broccoli, yams, grapes, pears and hay may be fed as treats. Vitamin supplements can also be added to their drinking water. Cuttlebone or mineral stones should be given to add minerals to their diets.


  The best housing for a Chinese hamster is a glass or plastic aquarium. Substrates that may be used include aspen shavings, pine shavings or CareFresh pet bedding. The cage should be cleaned out weekly. A house should be supplied for the hamster to sleep in. An exercise wheel is also a good idea for the hamster to get some exercise on. The wheel should be of the solid variety so the hamster will not injure itself. Chinese hamsters need things to chew on to keep their teeth from becoming overgrown. Small blocks of soft wood and cardboard tubes are some of the things that could be used. A water bottle is the best method for giving your Chinese hamster clean, fresh water.


  Chinese hamsters have poor eyesight and are easily startled. Try not to grab a hamster from above as it will think you are a predator and may bite.

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