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Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet


  Found throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India.


  An adult Leopard Gecko is usually about eight inches long although they can measure up to one foot. Hatchlings are about 3 1/4 inches long. Adults have large, thick tails and squat legs in comparison to their bodies. Their skin is studded and is covered with dark spots while the young are striped. Males have heavier bodies and slightly thicker heads than females and also have a V-shaped pore arrangement at the base of the tail. Leopard Geckos are basically display lizards which tolerate occasional handling.


  Geckos are mainly insect eating lizards. Crickets are the main staple and may be supplemented with waxworms, mealworms and pinkie mice. Four to five crickets every other day are enough for an adult with two to three being enough for the young. Water should be changed daily.


  The Leopard Gecko should be kept in a glass aquarium with sand, bark or aspen bedding for the floor. Sand is the preference. A few rocks and some wood make the aquarium more realistic for the gecko. Shelters should be provided and live plants may be furnished.


  Lamps should be provided for basking and for observing the gecko at night. Incandescent lights should be used for this purpose while Vita-lites should be used to simulate the effects of sunlight.


  A temperature of 84 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained. This can be achieved through under-tank heaters or heat rocks. A thermometer is recommended to help maintain the temperature. Leopard Geckos do better with a moderate amount of humidity in their shelter. A medium level of humidity can be maintained by moistened sand and vermiculite in a container. If you are using sand or bark as flooring, you can wet the floor once or twice a week to provide enough humidity.

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