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Savannah Monitor Care Sheet

Savannah Monitor Care Sheet


  Found in the grasslands of northern Africa.


  The savannah monitor is also known as Bosc's monitor. Adults tend to be a drab gray with black circles on the back. The savannah monitor have a small opening in the central upper bone of its skull in which sits a third eye. Images do not form in this eye but the eye acts as an ultraviolet light receptor. The savannah monitor may reach a length of 3 to 4 feet.


  Savannah monitors are carnivorous. They feed on a diet consisting of crickets, mealworms and rodents. There are several brands of canned food also available for them. Monitors will generally feed on canned foods but troublesome eaters may need the food to be scented with dead crickets.or pieces of mouse hair. Hatchlings should be fed a diet of insects that are coated and fed vitamin and mineral supplements. Young monitors should be offered food daily. As they reach the sub-adult stage, they may take less food (4 times per week) and as they reach adulthood they may go to weekly feedings.


  An adult savannah monitor requires a minimum of a 75 gallon aquarium. Savanna monitors should have tree limbs in their housing to allow them to climb and bask. They should be provided with a large enough water dish for them to completely immerse themselves. The monitor will use this dish as a drinking fountain, swimming pool and toilet so frequent cleaning is necessary. Heat is an absolute must. Heat may be provided by lamps or undertank heaters. A spot light may be hung above one end of the tank or cage. Light should also be provided through ultraviolet lights such as Vita-lites. Savannah monitors can be housed using sand, soil or small bark chips. Use a variety of large rocks so that the monitor's claws will wear down.


  You should have one end of your tank or cage to be in the daytime temperature range of 85-98 degrees Fahrenheit and the other end to be somewhat cooler. Place basking sites in the hot end and hiding places in the cool end.

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