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Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding is perfect bedding for small animals. It contains superior order control and is extremely moisture absorbent so your pet stays cleaner and drier.

This special litter is made from 100% virgin wood pulp fiber and has no inks or dyes. It is sanitized to kill mold, fungus and bacteria on contact.

Carefresh litter lasts longer between bedding changes. Clean up is fast and easy because Carefresh won’t stick to the cage or pan. It is safe to flush.

Use for rodents, rabbits, reptiles, hand-fed baby birds and exotic pets.

  • CareFresh Ultra Bedding NEW!
  • A distinctive bedding that helps your pets look their best!
  • Take the drab out of your pet's cage with CareFRESH ULTRA!

It's bright, white color creates a dazzling, fun-filled space that both you and your animal will love.

And because it has all of the odor-controlling benefits of the original CareFRESH® Pet Bedding, you can count on your pet having the cleanest, safest, most attractive home around!

It's ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Reptiles, Skunks, and other exotic pets.

Contains no pine or cedar oils.

10-liter bag

  • Manufactured by: CAREFRESH

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