Deluxe Hedgehog Care Package


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Our deluxe hedgehog care package includes the following from the basic hedgehog care package:

  8 oz Hedgie Quisine
  One Hedgie Entree
  One Hedgehog Sleeping Bag
  One 8 oz Water Bottle
  One Bag of Pine Shavings
  One Bag of Carefresh
  One Hedgehog Cube
  One Hedgehog Book
  One 2 lb Hedgie Quisine
  One Silent Spinner

Individually, these items purchased separately would be $140.  You are saving $15 plus you will receive free shipping right to your door.

Order this package to be shipped before you get your new baby hedgie, along with your new cage or as a new addition to your existing cage.

$125 shipped

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