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Size: 7" x 6.25" x 1.25"

Description: The Sleep-N-Ledge is our new giant version of the Leap-N-Ledge.

Sleep-N-Ledge is 7" wide to provide pets with a lofty ledge is perfect for looking, leaping or lounging around.

Sleep-N-Ledge includes 2 sturdy chew-proof brackets for safe attachment to any wire home.

For tons of fun, use more than one Sleep-N-Ledge in a pet's home or combine Sleep-N-Ledge with Leap-N-Ledge for variety.

Sleep-N-Ledges are made of all natural, untreated wood creating a perfect spot for your pets necessary chewing activities.

Sleep-N-Ledge is perfect for chinchillas, pet rats, sugar gliders, and other climbing critters.

For: Chinchillas, Pet Rats, Unusual Pets

  • Manufactured by: SUPER PETS

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