Glider Quisine – Adult Formula

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Glider QuisineTMAdult Formula

This food is formulated specifically for adult sugar gliders.

Glider QuisineTM Adult Formula has been tested by our own sugar gliders for over 2 years. We also asked a couple of other breeders to test this food along with us.

These are the results:


Glider QuisineTM Adult Formula has 28% protein. Our adult sugar gliders love the combination chicken and fruity flavor. They eat the majority of the formula that is given to them and waste a lot less. Our adult sugar gliders seem to be happier on Glider QuisineTM than any of the other foods that we have tried in the past.

The waste is much smaller now than with other sugar glider foods. The size is just right for them to pick up. They actually eat the whole piece and there is very little waste.

We recommend Glider QuisineTM Adult Formula to be fed daily. We feed this food daily as free choice and feed along with fresh fruits and vegetables. We also recommend eggs, lean meats (chicken), breads (wheat) and treats to be given at varying times during the week. Sugar gliders will eat almost anything but some things can be harmful to them (such as chocolate) so please ask before feeding anything you are not sure about.


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