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     S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. is a private breeding facility located in Houston, Texas. We have been raising animals since 1996. We provide the highest quality animals at reasonable prices. We have a full line retail store on our property where we sell birds, reptiles and mammals and the supplies for them. We breed the majority of our animals but also purchase some of the animals we sell.

We are licensed with the USDA, Texas Parks & Wildlife and Harris County Animal Control.

     You are welcome to visit our retail store but are not allowed into our breeding facilities. Strangers tend to stress our animals and also provide a medium for the transportation of various diseases. Our animals come first to us.

      It is a huge responsibility to provide proper care for an exotic animal. Please do your homework first before you buy.

     We will be more than happy to answer your questions in person or by telephone. We receive a large amount of e-mail daily and cannot always answer everything promptly. Please check out our care sheets to see if they might help answer your questions.


upcoming shows
  • Repticon
  • Feb 25-26  Houston, TX
  • Texas Reptile Expo
  • Mar 4-5  ┬áSan Antonio, TX
  • Mar 11-12   New Orleans, LA
  • Lone Star Reptile Expo
  • Mar 18-19  Arlington, TX
  • Repticon
  • Mar 25-26  Birmingham, AL
  • Please let us know if you'd like us to bring any particular animal(s) to one of these shows.
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